Known for his geometrical style as a trademark, He had started his career in graphic design from 1997 and created a design unit in 2014 called Gojigen. During this time he had worked on album artworks for DMC World Champion DJ Kentaro (Ninja tunes) as well as designed textiles for apparel companies such as Mizuno and United Arrows. His first international solo exhibition was held in Bangkok, Thailand in early 2015. Following his success, he had created his own art project called LOVOL where he has an exhibition hall in Yokohama. In 2017, he will continue to create new art in Bangkok, Thailand.

幾何学様式的の作風がトレードマークのアーティスト1997年 JOHN and JANE D oe(JJD)の谷田一郎氏に師事し、グラフィックデザインの仕事をはじめる。2000年 デザインユニット「五次元図案構成」を結成。雑誌のエディトリアルデザインをはじめ、映画のパンフレット、D M C ワールドチャンピオンD J K E N T A R O (NinjaTune)のアートワーク、スポーツメーカー「MIZUNO」やセレクトショップ「UNITED ARROWS」のテキスタイルを手がけるなど幅広く活動。2014年よりアーティストとして本格的に活動を開始。バンコクにて初の個展を開催し、現地で大きな反響を得る。2 0 1 7 年からは活動拠点を海外へと移し、アーティストとして更なる飛躍への一歩を踏み出している。

instagram: asarihiloya

March 2014  “GOJA Gallery Cafe Opening Group Exhibition PAINT BOX Vol.1” at GOJA Gallery Cafe  in Bangkok
August 2014  “Solo Exhibition” at GOJA Gallery Cafe in Bangkok
October 2014 “T-shirt Group Exhibition in Chiang Mai,
April 2015  “LOVOL” at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama
July 2015  “LOVOL Vision” at Shozan Yuigahama in Kamakura
August 2015  “LOVOL Vision” at Shinjuku BE-WAVE in Tokyo
December 2015  “LOVOL_BUDDY” at GOJA Gallery Cafe in Bangkok
January 2016  “Anagra Solo Exhibition” at Shinjuku BE-WAVE in Tokyo
April 2016 “MOON EUCLID Group Exhibition at Jam cafe in Bangkok
December 2016 “DAL CASO NASCE COSA Libri Finti Clandestini” Collaboration works in Milano.
November 2017 “Pickle Gallery Opening Group Exhibition” in Bangkok
January 2018 “GOJA 4th anniversary Exhibition Series Part 2 Group Exhibition PAINT BOX”
May 2018 “SYMMETRIA Solo Exhibition” at JUA in Bangkok
May 2019 “SHUT UP AND PAINT SKATE #2 Group Exhibition”” at SOS-Space Of Silom in Bangkok
July 2019 “RAMA 10 Group Exhibition” at CentralWorld in Bangkok
Oct 2020 “Thai Sack Paint Solo Exhibition” at GOJA Gallery Cafe in Bangkok


Bandai Namco Japan, ageHa Shinkiba, Club asia Shibuya, BE-WAVE Shinjuku, Shozan Yuigahama, Yokohama Bay side, Chili Parlor 9, Club asia

GOJA Gallery Cafe, ORIHARA SHOTEN Bangkok, JAM cafe, ICONIC Tonglor, Jatujak Weekend Market, Paradise Island Festival in Ko samui, CHOW Cafe & Bar, Jam factory, 12×12, YOSHIBAR

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